Friday, March 27, 2015

We Have a Guest Visitor!

Well, look who's here! It's Flat Adelaide, dropping in at Small College. Flat Adelaide, who was created by a real live eight-year-old girl, is on a whirlwind tour of Small Town and is now guest starring in this blog.

Flat Adelaide has had an exciting few weeks since she started her journey in Iowa. That's because Flat Adelaide's granny is flat-out the most fun granny ever (except possibly for Much Older Sister, but we aren't having Granny Olympics here so we're not declaring a winner.)

First you must go read about why Flat Adelaide is on this whirlwind tour. I'll sit here and hum to myself while you do that...


Are you back? Are you still laughing? I did a couple of weeks ago when I originally read this post. But are you also, kind of, just a little, shuddering in homework-induced PTSD? I did that at well. To this day, if you say the words "reaction book" I rear back and whinny as if I were Young Frankenstein's horse and you just said "Frau Blucher." Oh, yeah. I see you other moms from Webster Community School nodding and shuddering with me. More tears were shed over these quarterly book reports than would be shed by an infinity number of cooks chopping an infinity number of onions from now until infinity.

Reaction book! (WHINNY!)

Anyway, yesterday real Adelaide's granny called me and said Flat Adelaide is in Small Town. Could she come visit me at Small College?

Heck yeah! Because I know Adelaide's granny, I knew this traveling cut-out was having the vacation of a lifetime and I was honored she chose this as one of the tour stops. (This granny is a school nurse, and she also let me know me that the words she would choose for my Good Word Poll were "vector" and "grandbaby." Ha!)

Anyway, so far Flat Adelaide's trip to Small Town has included being shocked with a defibrillator (I saw the photos of in-cardiac-arrest FA, and she definitely had X's over her eyes), going to the library, having her teeth checked at the dentist's office, and I can't even remember what else because I was so excited she was going to visit ME.

Because FA has no bone structure and therefore can't climb steps by herself, FA's granny helped her make the trek from the parking lot on the lower campus to the main administration building on the upper campus.

Hello, way down there! You only have 69 steps to go!

You're getting closer--also, love the shirt, FA's Granny.

Wahoooo! You made it all the way to the top of the steps, and now you can say you've been to college.

Come back and visit any time, Flat Adelaide, and next time bring the rest of the family. We may not be as much fun as going to the library but it definitely beats a shot from the defibrillator.

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  1. Oh, wow! I'm so pleased Flat Adelaide made it all the way up the steps to meet you! Do you make everyone do that? You really should. It would go a long way toward weeding out the unworthy.