Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Okay, dear ones, it is time for some hand-raising.

When I said a couple of months ago that my word for the year was going to be FINISH, if you knew me even slightly did you laugh out loud? Did you say to yourself "MomQueenBee, I have known you since you were a toddler and you are a multiply-nominated multiple-winner of the Academy Award of Non-Finishing."

You didn't? Well, I did.

I freely admit that I love the beginnings and ends of projects and tend to bog down in the middle, especially if those projects are self-imposed. My wedding book has the date of the ceremony carefully written onto the first page, a program stuck between the pages, and nothing else in it. The adorable cross stitch wall hangings I was going to do for each of my children? Boy #1 has his completed and framed. Boy#2 has his completed, not framed. Boy#3 has a pattern picked out. And Boy#4? Sorry, Youngest Child.

I am delighted to say, though, that over the weekend I finished last year's De-Stuffifying Giveaway. LeafyNell had decided on reading mitts as her choice of grand giveaway prize, so I knit up a pair in a color the label describes as "Arcadia," because somewhere I got the idea that "Arcadia" meant "forest" and even though I now see that instead it's a region of Greece (how did I not know that?) it seemed appropriate for Leafy's name. But it took a long time because I ran out of yarn and my replenishment order was delayed because of the blizzard on the east coast. (See? I have all kinds of excuses for not finishing.)

Anyway, LeafyNell, your reading mitts are on their merry way to you, and if it's as cold where you are today as it is in Small Town, you need them.

I finished!


  1. Squee! I received them! They are gorgeous and warm! I modeled them for the family and they are impressed/jealous. Thank you!

    1. Yay! Just in time for warm weather!😄 Wear them in good health.