Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Orts and a Blurb

So, Friday orts on a week that was filled to jam-packedness:

Tuesday was Husband's birthday, and let me tell you, accountants should never be born in March. Their birthday celebrations are terrible. We went to a local restaurant to claim his "free" dessert, which meant we purchased our meals at the cost (including tip) of $50. But we also each got a to-go box and put half our meals away for Wednesday lunch. I believe this, more than the number of candles on the cake, defines us as senior citizens.

Tomorrow I'll make a pie and special birthday meal, and he'll open his present. Which he picked out.

We are the very picture of madcap.

I love my job. Two nights ago I wasn't sure I would be writing that phrase, because yesterday was one of those days when a ton of preparation either pays off or fails spectacularly. I do not enjoy a spectacular fail, unless it's on Cake Wrecks.

But the event was a home run, and I felt as if I had played a part in its success. That's pretty much the definition of job satisfaction, no?

Is there any perfectly good word now being more smarmily and irritatingly used than the word journey?  My teeth are set on edge when someone uses this word in connection with their previous employment, their courtship, their religious life, their sobriety, their anything that does not include frequent flier miles or pulling a camper.

Oprah, I'm blaming you.

And finally, a blurb that is actually a review of the day being had by a friend of one of the Boys. She is a medical student now doing a clinical rotation in colo-rectal surgey, and he texted her to see how her day was going.

"Having fun?" the Boy asked.

"Today has been all anal warts with a few prolapsed colons thrown in for variety," she responded.

That's my new description for a day when I don't so much love my job.

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  1. That is a wonderful description of a bad day!