Monday, March 16, 2015

Best Non-Holiday

Terrible picture of wonderful pie
Someone on my Facebook feed sounded a little put out when she posted on Saturday:

"Am I the only one in the world not making pie today?"

Given the photographic evidence in the posts surrounding hers, the answer to that question would be "Yes. You are, indeed, the only person in the entire world not making pie today."

It was Pi Day! And it was a very special Pi Day, given that it was March 14, 2015, which would also be 3/14/15, and at one given moment in the morning it was 9:23.56 a.m., which made it exactly the same moment as the first 10 digits of pi--3.141592356.

Oh, frabjous moment!

Now I am not a great fan of mathematics. I leave that to everyone else in my family, including those who balance my checkbook (thank you, Husband!) and those who helped their brothers with algebra homework in high school (thank you, Boy#1 and Boy#2) and those who used math to get them through engineering degrees (that's you, Boys #2 and #4) and the one who scored highest on his math standardized testing (yup, Boy#3, I'm looking at you). Those are the guys for whom pi is an irrational number that always results from dividing a circle's circumference by its diameter.

For the non-mathy person in the house, though, pi is just an excuse to bake on March 14, because PIE!

I had begun to worry just a tad about my pie-making skills. Tenuous at best, my ability to make a good homemade crust seemed to have desserted me (get it? Dessert/desert? Oh, never mind.) and the blueberry pie I made a few weeks ago to celebrate Husband's birthday was so runny I served it in bowls. True story.

For this Pi Day, though, I tried a new recipe. The Cook's Country Chocolate Angel Pie  looked manageable, and since it has a meringue crust I rationalized that it would be a healthier choice than the traditional lard-heavy version.

Well, it's not healthier. I admit that. Any recipe that has almost a pound of chocolate (both milk and bittersweet) and calls for heavy cream is not healthy. But oh, my. Although today's photo cannot be used as proof (I took the picture after a long, long day), it is scrumptious.

Seriously, this may be the best pie I've ever made, and I am rationing it out in tiny little strips in hopes it will last for weeks.

Pi Day may not have the universal appeal of the Best Day of the Year, but this chocolate pie has allowed it to overtake several other non-holidays on my list of favorite dates.

St. Patrick's Day, you have been pie-d.

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  1. I have to admit to being the second person who didn't make pie on Pi day. I should have, after all I'm married to a math professor. But no, there was no pie. I didn't even think to buy one!

    That sounds like a luscious pie. I'll have to check it out.