Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Orts and a Blurb

This Friday's edition of orts and blurbs begins with the final picture I will download from my camera inflict on you  present for your delight from the 2014-15 end-of-year holidays.

Boy#3 would have been the New Year's Baby in Small Town if he had been born in Small Town instead of in Fairly Large City an hour away. But because fairly large cities are filled with people (go figure) someone else delivered on the first day of the year and Three was born the next day. There is no consolation prize for being the second baby of the New Year.

Nevertheless, at the time I thought being born in the first week of a new decade was pretty cool, especially since he was so considerate and chose to arrive two weeks early for the comfort of his mother. What I didn't know was that having a January 2 birthday pretty much dooms you to the worst birthday parties ever, year after year after year.

By January 2, everyone is sick of celebrating. We've been through the Best Day of the Year, and the pre-Christmas office parties, and Christmas itself, and the post-Christmas family get-togethers, and New Year's Eve, and the holiday bowl games. By January 2, we are one day overdue for getting on with the diets and new resolutions. This has led to a lot of birthday-rolled-into-Christmas celebrations. The worst year was the year my mother's funeral was held on (you guessed it) Three's birthday.

This year, though, the stars aligned for Three to be home on his birthday. He requested biscuits and gravy as his special meal (Yay! Do-able!) and a carrot cake baked in layers (Yay! Also do-able!).

Happy birthday, Boy#3. I love you more than any other 25-year-old on the planet.

If anyone has added Last Tango in Halifax to a Netflix queue based on my two stubby thumbs upped in last week's blurb, I need to add a disclaimer based on additional binge watching.

I've now finished both seasons of the series that are available to stream, and while I still love the show, be aware that several times I found myself thinking "Well, huh. That certainly turned dark quickly." Also, I wanted to reach through the screen and let certain characters know that much as I loved them, they were making TERRIBLE decisions.

So if you are watching LTiH and wondering what I was thinking when I recommended it so highly, I was thinking that I cannot resist a Scottish accent and that I want to talk just like Celia.

The blurb this week comes from a YouTube discovery that makes me wonder why I've wasted so much time saying the word "yes."
Over the course of my life I've spent HOURS saying the word that I could have put to better use knitting. Or sleeping. Or wondering why George Clooney's wife wore my mother's prom gloves to the Golden Globes awards.

I wonder if you can do this with a Scottish accent.

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