Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Orts and a Blurb (Post-Holiday Edition)

Today's Friday wrap-up begins with a shot of my feet, taken at 9:07 a.m. today.

At the office.

Yup--two different shoes. I guess in a way this is a win, since it's been at least a decade since I actually left the house wearing a brown right foot and a black left foot (I'm not counting the time I packed two different black sandals for a weekend away).

Meantime, I'm keeping my feet under the desk for the rest of the morning, until I can dash home to change out the brown side and from now on I'll turn on the light in the closet when I get dressed.


I finally figured out this year why Traditions are important to me: Because I hate making decisions. This year's topsy-turvy Christmas schedule meant we decided to go to a movie then eat out Dec. 25. That's easy enough, right?

Hahahaha! First there is the movie choice to make. One Boy hates hobbits. One Boy loves hobbits. One Boy sees all the movies. One Boy sees only one movie a year and doesn't want to waste this chance. One Boy has no interest whatsoever in movie musicals, and will not participate if we choose Into the Woods. One person (me) loves movie musicals.


Then we had to decide where to eat, but that decision was made easier by the fact that (surprise!) almost all restaurants close on Christmas Day. It was a little disappointing that waiters in the Chinese restaurant we finally found open post-movie did not sing to us, but the eggrolls were good.

Photo from IMDB
And this week's blurb:

When I was a child, I read through every one of the Nancy Drew mysteries the Port Library owned. I checked them out compulsively, and bitterly resented each minute that life kept me from submerging myself in the adventures of Nancy, George, Bess, Ned--I propped the books up to read while I brushed my teeth.

That's how I'm feeling right now about The Last Tango in Halifax, a BBC series that I had in my Netflix queue for quite a while before I decided concentrating so many hours on Midsomer Mysteries was not healthy and that I should branch out. I wasn't that enthused about watching two elderly people renew young love and marry in spite of their families' incredulity (a little close to the bone, that is) but a friend recommended it and oh, my gosh. People, this series is wonderful.

The leading characters are utterly charming, and he is a dead ringer for Eddy Albert  who has always been a favorite of mine (or perhaps I should say a live ringer, seeings as how Eddy Albert is, well, dead). The family dynamics are fascinating, and the scenery--drool, the scenery.

Even allowing for a disclaimer about how I don't approve of the choices being made by many of the characters, blah-blah, etc., I love Last Tango and I'm already ruing the day I will have no more episodes waiting on the internet.

Aah, Nancy Drew. I still miss you.

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