Thursday, May 9, 2013

Traveling Without Kids

The lady at the next table in the hotel was traveling with three children, the oldest maybe eight years old or so. It was 9 a.m. and she looked exhausted.

Oh, honey, I've been there. I've gotten chocolate milk for everyone and brought our own box of (marshmallow-spiked) cereal. I've given permission for just one more mini-muffin. I have seen the ONE BITE taken out of the apple. Just thinking about the stress of trying to get everyone to LEAVE THAT TELEPHONE ALONE AND GO TO SLEEP in this alien environment makes my blood pressure spike. But I'm here to give hope--some day you will absolutely love traveling with your kids.

Here's what I enjoy about traveling with older offspring:
  1. They carry their own luggage in from the car, pack the dirty clothes into the side pockets the next morning, and carry their own luggage back to the car.
  2. Also, they carry this luggage with the muscles of their body and don't insist it needs to go on a luggage cart that somehow, mysteriously, always seems to end up carrying at least one Boy and veering into a wall.
  3. No one says "But it's MY turn to sleep in the bed! I was on the floor the LAST time!"
  4. No need to pack two sleeping bags for the on-the-floor turn takers.
  5. If room occupancy is greater than number of towels in the bathroom, someone else can go down to the desk to ask for more.
  6. No fighting over the remote control. ESPN, and all ESPN, all the time, is just fine with everyone.
  7. You want six Texas-shaped waffles for breakfast? It's your digestive system. Knock yourself out.
  8. "Mom, want me to bring you a cup of coffee?"
  9. After emptying an apartment into two cars and traveling through three hours worth of road construction, supper can be a half gallon of cookies 'n cream ice cream, split five ways. Yes, it can. And it will be delicious.
And here's what I miss about traveling with little kids:
  1. .....
 Sorry. I got nothin'.

Lady at the next table, I feel your pain but in a couple of years they'll morph into fabulous traveling companions. Hang in there.

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  1. Oh I needed this. We are going to the beach this weekend with the kids (10 and 3) and it will be lovely, but also stressful and hectic and frustrating. Of course I guess that describes much of parenting, so...