Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Photo of the Speed of Light

I'm still cleaning out leftovers from the past month and came across this picture of the Boys I took in our local pizza joint.

What? You don't see my good-looking guys? Huh.

Maybe it's because this shot was taken as we were gathering in the local pizza joint and I noticed them, all four of them, with their phones out checking to see if any of their buds were doing anything more scintillating than waiting for extended family to arrive, and I wanted to get a picture because it was kind of FUNNY but the simple action of me pulling out my phone caused them all to disappear from the shot.

It appears they can move with great alacrity when they want to, although past performance in getting to the dinner table when called (thereby ensuring the hot food would be hot and the cold food would be cold) would not have predicted this outcome.


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