Thursday, May 23, 2013

Artist's Rendition of an Actual Event

Lawn chair dog.
I'm sorry I don't have an actual picture of the event, but the end of yesterday's pity party about the sheer bulk of provender necessary to nourish all the men for whom I now "cook" came when I pulled into the driveway with $272.11 worth of groceries under Pearl's hatchback. Normally I would grumble as I schlepped my purchases the half block down the sidewalk toward the kitchen door, huffing and puffing and fumbling for my keys.

Instead, there sat Husband and the Boys, lined up in lawn chairs in front of the garage door! It was so shockingly wonderful to have Sherpas to do the heavy lifting that I completely forgot I always have soul-capturing photographic equipment in my purse, and did not document the moment for today's post.

But then I found (and borrowed) this shot of a dog sitting in the lawn chair, and it made me almost as happy as having all those manly men available to carry in $272.11 worth of groceries IN ONE TRIP rather than in the multiple trips I would have made.

I can tell: I'm going to enjoy this summer almost as much as I would enjoy having a dog in a lawn chair.

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  1. That sounds WONDERFUL! I will hold onto this story as a marvelous possibility of things to come, if I can just hold on!