Monday, April 8, 2013


Bierocks. Yes, I made them. They were okay.
I am not a food blogger.

You know I am not a food blogger because when was the last time a food blogger you know spent an entire post talking about her eyebrows? How about two entire posts?

But you also know I'm not a food blogger because (the previous paragraph to the contrary) I GET TO THE POINT. Today my point is that food bloggers are the snake charmers of the internet and most of the time I am just an unsuspecting cobra curled up in a basket.

I read way too many blogs written by great cooks and I am completely susceptible to their wiles. Over the weekend I tried a new recipe. It was this one*, and I tried it because I had all the ingredients available. It was tasty. Then I tried another new recipe, this one**, because I need to take a dessert to a meeting tomorrow night and also, it is cheesecake, so enough said.

But I tried both of these recipes because according to the blogs that presented them to the world, both are DELICIOUS! And one of them is HEALTHY AS WELL AS DELICIOUS! And one of them is CREAMY! And one of them is CHEESECAKE!

Food bloggers, almost to a person, are guilty of reciperbole. (Yes, I made this word up. It's a combination of recipe and hyperbole, and it means hyping a recipe until someone--and I'm not mentioning names but her initials are MQB--has pinned at least 500 recipes to her Pinterest board even though she knows she's going to be making one of her usual rotation of five recipes every night this week.)

However, food bloggers intersperse their reciperbole with pictures of their food so vivid and beautiful that some of us must wear bibs because we keep drooling as we read their posts. For example, I do not like sauerkraut. I don't like the way it tastes, I don't like the way it makes the house smell as it cooks. But look at this:
Yes. I've now added sauerkraut to my shopping list.

And food bloggers don't just add one beautiful picture to their purple prose. Under the guise of showing us exactly how we should be cooking their DELICIOUS or HEALTHY or CHEESECAKE recipe, they add a beautiful picture every half sentence.

"Add the salt (picture of salt pouring) stir carefully (picture of hand stirring), until no lumps remain (another picture of hand stirring)..." well, you get the picture.

So in conclusion...I'm sorry, I seem to have lost my train of thought here as I think about the yummy, yummy sauerkraut out there waiting to be eaten. I may be a victim of reciperbole.

Thanks a lot, food bloggers.

*It was really, really good. Delicious, even. And so EASY! 

**The verdict is still out on this, because it is cheesecake and needs to be refrigerated for some time, but it looks quite tasty. And so EASY!

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  1. Just had to share the irony . . . I'm making cinnamon rolls (as a thank you for the local First Responders) and just about burnt them because I got to looking at recipes from this post!!! :) ha ha!