Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Orts and Blurb

Good morning, and welcome to another end-of-the-week sweeping up of items too big to forget and too small to write entire posts about.

1. We start off with my breakfast place mat, which was covered by a reading lamp this morning. Why did this make me smile? Because several days ago I offhandedly mentioned to Husband that I needed to find the specialty lightbulb this lamp requires so that I could read in bed, and that way I would never again have to leave the Most Comfortable Bed Ever Made(tm). Really, I didn't expect him to find the bulb because (a) tax season, and (b) lots on his mind. But this morning there it was, complete with the lightbulb that turns out to be a specialty bulb I never would have thought to look for because (a) lazy, and (b) appliance impaired.

He is the most thoughtful man ever. If you need to find me in the next decade or so I'll be reading in bed.

2. I don't often post pictures of items I've knitted, because how many pictures of knitted dishcloths does the world need? I've been on a hat kick lately, though, and when one of my co-workers won a special award, I made him a hat to wear to the celebratory party. The hat coordinated nicely with the under-the-sea theme, as did the oyster stew, goldfish crackers, octopus gummy worms, and shark cupcakes. (Our working group knows how to PAR-TAY!)

Look for this chapeau next year next year on the red carpet--I believe it was the look this guy was going for and missed.
Thank you,, for the image

And thank you,, for this image
3. Finally, my weekly product review, this week of the Progressive International Adjust-a-Slice Mandoline. Oh, it does a great job of slicing carrots and celery for soup, and is fabulous at slicing potatoes for Sunday Night Spinach. But that cautionary line about the blade being sharp and always using the guard thing-a-ma-jig? They aren't kidding.

I laughed. I cried.

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