Thursday, March 28, 2013


This was at the bottom of the steps as I left work yesterday, and my first cursory glance had me grabbing my phone to call a haz-mat team for a clean-up and wondering what kind of animal had gotten into the stairwell.

But then I looked closer and realized the "deposit" was actually a bite-sized Snickers bar, and oh, the regret.

Regret over the wasted bite of deliciousness. Regret that even though I was the only person in the stairwell the toddler side of my brain wasn't strong enough to wrestle my adult reasonableness to the ground so I could pop that baby right in my mouth. (You'll appreciate the strength of my toddler brain when I admit I did briefly consider that. BRIEFLY.)

Regret that apparently the Easter Bunny's trainee is not working out so well, if this was delivered to wrong place (the base of a stairwell) at the wrong time (four days before Easter). My cynical Boy#2 would say that this Bunny obviously was being trained by FedEx.

Sigh. So, so much regret. 

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