Monday, March 4, 2013

Party Animals

So what kind of celebration does a CPA have when his birthday, year after year, falls smack dab in the middle of the busiest season on the calendar? Oh, it's a rip-roaring par-tay, complete with a microwave brownie for one, messily mixed together in a coffee cup.

Aside from calls from the Boys, the highlight of Husband's big day was lunch with his mother at her retirement village. The staff is wonderful and had set a table for three in a private area so that we could talk without interruption. After as much togetherness time as we've had in the past week (see: emergency room and hospital stay) we didn't have much to talk about, though, so we were glad that the nine-year-old son of one of the nursing staff was serving as our waiter.

Kaden was conscientious about his responsibility for clearing away the dishes ("Are you done with that plate yet? How about now? Going to eat that? Almost full?") and time was passing too slowly for him. Finally he sat down at the table's fourth chair while he waited for us to finish our pot roast.

This child does not suffer from shyness and we heard about his teachers and about his trips to the principal's office (of the 15 times, at least five hadn't been his fault), but the highlight was when he discussed his romantic history.

"I had a girlfriend in kindergarten," he informed us,  "but she broke up with me in first grade because I didn't like Justin Bieber."

Oh, man. Love hurts.

Happy birthday, Husband! Here's your brownie, and it's just fine with me if you don't like the Beebs. I love you anyway.

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