Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crazy Book Lady

"Read at every wait; read at all hours; read within leisure; read in times of labor; read as one goes in; read as one goes out. The task of the educated mind is simply put: read to lead." 

- Cicero, Roman Statesman, Philosopher, and Lawyer

In the past week I have won TWO free books from Small Town Public Library's book sale cart.

Me! The woman who never wins anything! TWO BOOKS!

I could not be more excited about this because (1) I never win anything, and (2) did you not see the word "books"?

Husband is slightly less ecstatic, if the barely-concealed rolling eyes are any indication. He knows that I collect books like the Kardashian girls collect boyfriends. They're often trashy and a little well-traveled, but I do enjoy the heck out of them. Unlike the Kardashian boyfriends, though, I have a terrible time getting rid of the discards.

We have boxes of books piled into every spare corner of the House on the Corner. Some I have loved and may want to read again some day. Others I have started but not finished because either I didn't have time or because the book didn't meet my 50-page rule (if I'm not interested in 50 pages, I have no moral obligation to read every last word). I'm like a crazy cat woman who feeds every stray, only with stray books. (Is that metaphor a little stretched? Well, you know what I meant.)

So to keep peace in the house, when I went to pick up my two (FREE!) books I took along a box of strays to contribute to the book sale cart. I know they'll go to good homes, maybe even to the homes of other crazy cat book people.

And now if you will excuse me, I believe I'll go read.

*What am I reading? This and this and this. Yes, all at the same time.

**Also, thank you Small Town Public Library, for the books and for the Cicero quote I stole from your Facebook page.

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