Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Orts and Blurb

Here are the subjects that didn't make the full-post cut this week:

1. My tiara! So, so cute. Thank you, S, for this gift that will mark me as the Homecoming Princess of Snow Days from now on. Yes, the glitter writing says "Birthday Girl" but we all know what it really signifies. In fact, I may never send out a weather advisory e-mail again--I'll just send this photo and watch the wild rumpus begin.

2. An observation: Husband learned something this week when he pointed out that someone has been filling up the DVR with trash television shows. When he swatted my upraised palm I had to explain to him the difference between a high five and a talk-to-the-hand. This was the latter.

3. Mother-in-law, recovery thereof: She's much better yesterday, thank you all so very much for the lovely comments. We are all in this tide pool together, aren't we?

4. Discombobulation: Because, holy cow, I have more than my share of it right now and cannot remember which day of the week it is. A snow day, an almost snow day, and a day spent in the emergency room means that every morning I wake up and wonder what clothes I should wear. Unfortunately, on only one of these occasions has the answer been my jammies.

5. And finally, the blurb: If you love garlic, you need this gizmo.

Yes! It's a rolling garlic chopper, and you will laugh when you roll it around your kitchen counter and it perfectly chops your garlic while you make vroom-vroom noises. You can find it here. The FDA (or someone) requires that we bloggers add a disclaimer when we are compensated for product endorsements, to which I reply "Ha! Ha! If only!"

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