Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh, and Welcome to the Family!

I've made no secret of how delightful I find the Lovely Girl. How can you not love someone with those dimples? The fact that she laughs at my jokes and asked for my sheetcake recipe are just icing on the warm chocolate dessert, so to speak. 

So when the phone rang Friday afternoon and I heard Boy#1 was using his speaker phone, I jumped to my feet. I'm way too old for such affectations, but I could hear my inner teenager squeeeeeee-ing as I answered.

"Is Dad there?" he asked.

"Yes! I'll get him! Is Lovely Girl there?" I burbled back.

"I'm here," she said.

Oh, yes! Oh, I think I know what this might be! Oh, my! Exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point!

"Honey, it's Boy#1 and Lovely Girl!" I exclamation pointed to Husband. "Quick! I'll put us on speaker!"

And then I pushed the button I was sure would let us share the news in a veritable puppy pile of happiness...and disconnected the call.

 I'm going to be just a swell mother-in-law.


  1. You will be a wise, caring, understanding, helpful, unselfish and absolutely wonderful mother-in-law! (And SOMEDAY - Grandma!) Because you are all those things as a person - especially to those you love. You do great and I bet she's almost as excited about getting you as she is about getting your son.

  2. I do my best to never use "LOL" but I just actually did laugh out loud, so LOL! Love the vision of your inner teenager squeeeeeee-ing!
    So happy for you and Boy#1 and Lovely Girl. How lucky you all are! Congrats!