Monday, November 26, 2012

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

The best family on the Best Day of the Year. (I am not in the picture because after owning it for eight years I still don't know how to work the timer on my camera.)
Oh, my! I didn't realize I had left you so long with only a picture of boiled-over potatoes to represent Thanksgiving in the House on the Corner.

The Best Day of the Year lived up to its reputation. In fact, because I've run out of modifiers to describe just how fabectacularonderful it was, I'm resorting to numbers to sum up the day. (See what I did there? Numbers? Sum up? Never mind.)

Number of thanks-givers seated at lunch: 31.

Decades represented in birthdates of attendees: Well, let's see. 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s. We must have taken the 1970s off.

Pounds of turkey cooked: 41. Yes, you read that right. One un-smoked (21 pounds) and one smoked (20 pounds).

Pounds of potatoes cooked: 25, divided between Yukon Golds (15 pounds) and sweet (10 pounds).

Pounds of butter incorporated into the meal: 9. No, I am not even kidding.

Number of pies to be eaten by 31 people: 11. "Would you like pecan or pumpkin?" "Yes, please!"

Temperature immediately after our Thanksgiving meal: 75 glorious fall degrees.

Number of Boys in attendance: Only two. The expense involved in flying back from the right edge of the country was a bit too high for Boy#2 (especially with a Christmas trip coming up in a few weeks), and Boy#1 decided he'd rather spend it with the Lovely Girl in Boston than with us. And this brings us to our final number of the day:

Number of proposals accepted on Thanksgiving Day in Boston: One! (Or maybe more, but the others didn't send us into shrieks of delight as the call telling of this one did.)

Blessings all mine, and 10,000 besides.


  1. Oh, what happy news! I look forward to WEDDING TALK!

    1. Me, too, Swistle, me, too! (And that's the first comment I've ever made in which the number of punctuation marks equals the number of words.)

  2. Worth commenting here and not just on FB, Whoo Hoo...what wonderful news! Hot Diggitty Dog! I love how God answers prayer. #1 had prayers of blessings to be bestowed upon him during this most difficult semester. That breeze said,"He will be fine." That is better than fine my friend.

    1. Much, much better than fine. I trust that breeze.

  3. Oh yea! You finally have your girl. ;)

  4. I'm reading your posts in reverse order, so even though I've already commented on the more recent ones, I feel I must congratulate you here as well. Congrats! I can only imagine the happiness and joy you are experiencing. Excellent news!