Monday, September 17, 2012

Deep In the Heart of Texas

"Does it seem like you and Dad travel a lot more now than when we were kids?"

Hmmm. Good question, Boy#2. We seem to travel more but go fewer places. Back in the day the old Suburban rumbled through "The Laura Ingalls Wilder Lived Here" tour, and the "Forts of Kansas" tour that took us more than 1,000 without ever crossing a state line (not as easy as it sounds, by the way) and it felt as if we covered quite a few miles. That may have just been the amplifying effect of "vacationing" (irony quote intentional) with four children. Now, though, we're out often and it doesn't feel like a big deal because our travel is of the "Which Campus Is This Again?" variety.

Husband and I were on the road again this weekend, this time headed due south to an unnamed university  whose identity could NEVER be discerned from today's photo.  This is a long drive, and due to its being due south from Small Town, there is really only one way to get there, and the state symbol of Oklahoma appears to be a "FINES DOUBLE IN CONSTRUCTION ZONE" sign. 

But, no moping and complaining here because at the end of the long drive were two Boys, and one Boy got to be the very tip of Texas during the pre-game show. 

Hello, Brownsville! You've never looked better!

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