Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coming to My Senses

Right now I am knitting a scarf for a friend (next to my chair, almost done), working on my Beekeeper's Quilt (project bag in my purse, components to be thrown away by my heirs after I die at age 107 with this Sisyphus task still not completed), a T-shirt quilt for Boy#2 (partially sewn, in pieces on the living room floor), a braided rug made of the left-over scraps of T-shirt (half-done in bucket under the end table), a baby sweater for a baby who was born in June (almost finished, size 9 months and it hasn't been cold yet anyway), and the repurposing of a small table into a work-at-home desk to be used in the kitchen nook.

That's why the trash guys found two scavenged dresser drawers on the curb this week. These drawers will not see a second life as storage ottomans, no matter how easy the internet makes that conversion look. I do not have time for that project.

Besides, after driving around with them in Pearl for two days I realize there's an issue even more pressing than my lack of spare time: They smell funny.

Bullet dodged.

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  1. Ooo, I want to see pictures of the t-shirt quilt!

    As long as I'm being demanding and you have too much to do already, I am dying of discouragement with my first teenager, and he is only on the CUSP of all the really scary teenager stuff. If you felt at any time like writing survival-tip posts, I would hang on your every word. It feels like there are ONE HUNDRED BILLION blog posts with tips and advice and thoughts and encouragement on getting through the newborn days or the toddler years, and NEXT TO NOTHING on the teenager years---and I feel like it's the teenager days that might do me in. I babysat for YEARS and felt comfortable with diaper blow-outs and projectile barf and middle-of-the-night croup, but I don't know WHAT to do NOW.