Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update: On Getting Moving

Shortly after the first of the year I admitted to you, my loyal reader(s), that I was determined to move more in the new year. I was going to get up off the couch! I was going to sweat! I was going to be work it, girl! And I encouraged you, my loyal reader(s), to hold me accountable for my resolution.

During the past weekend TWO of you asked how the exercise plan is going, so it must be time for me to 'fess up: It's going shockingly well.

I am not a mover, and don't especially enjoy getting up before the sun. And yet...I'm doing both of those things, and have done them five times a week since the Monday after Thanksgiving. I've only missed three days, one when I was sick and twice when I was out of town. My fitness routine is 25 minutes on the exercise bike, followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer, concluded by a five-minute walk around the block to cool down.

You'll be shocked when I tell you that the illustration with this blog is not an accurate artist representation of my current state of fitness, inasmuch as I do not have matchy-matchy shoes and shorts. No, when I'm exercising I look more like those wretched souls on Biggest Loser with the sweat and the gasping and the red-faced effort. All I lack is Jillian screaming in my ear.

And yet...I'm enjoying this. With a few exceptions (when finishing was a slogging struggle) I've come to look forward to plugging in the iPod and opening the Nook Color for a few more pages of Game of Thrones. I pick up the pace when "Santa Baby" comes on, and slow it back down for the Billy Joel ballads, and manage to keep my heartrate in the target zone.

Have I lost weight? Not so much. I'm still in the running (see what I did there?) to be crowned the world's slowest loser.

Do I feel better? You know, I think maybe I do. My knees definitely are less painful, and I seem to be keeping up better with Husband's Bataan Death March pace when we walk somewhere.

I think I'll keep moving.


  1. So impressed! Keep up the great work! :)

  2. Good for you! I've been terrible about my goal to move more. Keep finding excuses and other 'important' things to do. You've inspired me to get back on track.