Monday, February 20, 2012

Honey, Did You Hear Something?

The House on the Corner had an unannounced visitor some time Saturday night, as Husband and I discovered when we stepped out the back door to go to church Sunday morning. Apparently this visitor made himself at home by jumping the curb (which tops a drainage culvert, and is at least a foot high), spinning over the lawn next to the sidewalk, and...

 ...smacking into the corner of the backyard wall. My camera (and my photographic abilities) are not up to the documentation of this event, but blue windshield washer fluid was splashed over two sides of the wall and pieces of a broken headlight covered the ground.

Well, huh.

This was a surprise from several angles, but the most surprising thing wasn't that the impact didn't make so much as a chip in that horrible cinderblock wall, or even that my lovingly-constructed brick edging survived. No, the truly amazing aspect is evident in the shot taken from the spot the enthusiastic vehicle jumped the curb.

See that little corner of a window on the left side? That's the living room. Directly above the living room is our bedroom. Want to know how much we heard of what must have been a fairly significant crash?

Nothing. Not one decibel, not a whisper of a disturbance in the universe.

Either we are a couple of very sound sleepers or our age-appropriate deafness is catching up to us. Feel free to give your opinion on which you think it is, but don't expect a response. If we didn't hear that crash, we won't hear you, either.

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