Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Bowl Game

So how great was that Super Bowl anyway? Wooo! Great game!

I'm sorry--who won, again?

Last night Husband and I were like most everyone in the known world west of New Jersey, which is to say that we did not care one bit who won the game. This frees one up to have a wonderful time--all the enjoyment of football, with none of the emotional investment.

Since it was the Super Bowl, we conserved all the energy we normally would have spent cheering for a team and cheered for the commercials instead. Go, Doritos dog! Way to be, Weego! Good job, Mr. Quiggly! ( seemed to be a dog's year in the selling department.)

All of our non-commercial-cheering efforts went into the refreshments which, because I am a terrible party-thrower even if it's only for Husband and me, consisted of chips and some mango salsa I discovered when I cleaned the pantry on Saturday, plus my new favorite dessert.

But that dessert? Oh, my goodness. Baked Hot Chocolate is now officially the most delicious thing I have ever eaten, and well worth every one of the 16 Weight Watchers points it set me back.

Other than that, I spent most of the evening knitting and saying, "What just happened?" when the crowd noise increased. I missed two scores as I concentrated on some tricky stitches (the intarsia, it was difficult), but I managed to watch the last two drives, the excitement of which made up for my complete antipathy toward the two teams involved.

The dessert was spectacular and the company was even better.

It was an excellent Super Bowl, indeed.

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