Friday, February 24, 2012

Personal Quirks

I was moving pictures from camera to computer when I came across this artful shot and had to pause a moment in silent reflection. I took it last week during a women's basketball game at Small College, when I realized I was having one of Those Moments when many things I love intersect.

I love Small College, and I love its scrappy basketball teams that sometimes win and sometimes lose but are almost always competitive. I love our seats in the geezer section with our names stenciled across the chairbacks.

And oh, how I love thee, basketball game popcorn. Mmmmm. Let me count the ways:

I love your salty crunch, and your neon-yellow color. I love the grease spots on the bag when I have munched my way to the bottom creases. I love rolling my eyes when Husband blows up the empty bag and pops it during an opponent's free throw.

Oh, yes, he does. He has a graduate degree from a major university, is an elected public official, and laughs like a five-year-old when I jump at the mini-explosion from the next seat. (Lest you think he's a bad sport, there is no evidence that it affects the freethrow-shooting player in any way whatsoever.)

At the last game I refused to give him the empty sack, knowing his nefarious plans.

"Honey, you'll just pop it and then people will think you're completely weird."

He looked at me for a second, then said, "True, but if anyone ever steals your camera and finds pictures of your half-empty popcorn sack, do you think they would find you any less weird?"

Point taken.

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