Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pride, Fall, How Did That Go?

Last night's meeting was with some of my oldest and dearest friends, women I respect and admire. They were my first support group when we moved to Small Town, and they led the casserole brigade when Boy#3 was born needing medical attention.

Now I know full well parents actually have very little to do with the successes and failures of their offspring. Their job, as I have repeated often through the past 24 years, is to get their children vaccinated and to hold their hands when crossing streets. The rest is up to God and the kids.

Still, I rationalized, these women LOOOOVE my Boys! They want to hear how WOOOONDERFUL they are, and by extension, they will think that I am a FAAAABULOUS mother!

So when it came time to catch up on what was happening in our lives, I stood to rhapsodize about the wonderful-ness that was Three's recital, and oh, by the way, had I mentioned the graduate schools are falling over themselves to recruit Boy#2?

I was so full of maternal pride that I was overheating a little as I sat down, so I pulled my collar out just a smidge to let in some ventilation.

And realized I had my shirt on backwards.

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  1. It never fails that when our pride is swelling God step's in to quickly bring us back down to earth and humble us.Your boy's are awesome and you should be proud. But dang that humbling factor.