Monday, February 7, 2011

Ich Bin Ein Cheesehead

Many, many years ago Husband went on a business trip to Green Bay, Wisc. At that time Son#1 was a rabid sports fan, so Husband packed him in a carry-on and off they went. (I'm kidding. This was in the day of unlimited baggage; One was checked in a full-sized suitcase.)

As the kind and thoughtful men they are, Husband and One wanted to make sure they properly showed their appreciation for my sacrifice in staying at home with three extremely attention-intensive younger Boys so they brought me a gift.

Cheesehead earrings. And you can see by the relative size of the earrings to my desk lamp in the picture, these were not small, indiscreet cheesehead earrings. These were honkin' wedges of cheddar.

My guys giggled and snorted as they watched me unwrap the gift, and assumed that would be the end of their manly hijinks. They had underestimated me, though.

May I just say that when you wear cheesehead earrings to the office, no one knows where to look or what to say. Visible thought bubbles hovered above heads in every meeting I attended. "Is she serious?" "What are those things?" and most often, "Should I say something or not?"

Apparently people either think I'm crazy, or that my fashion sense really is that bad. Not one single person mentioned the earrings.

I mark that as the day my slide into eccentricity began.

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  1. You gotta go over the top with something else for the next meetings. Keep em guessing!