Friday, February 25, 2011

Duck What?

Every once in a while I begin to delude myself into thinking that I'm pretty cool. (Cool in the sense of hip, with-it, groovy, not in the sense of low body temperature. This train left the station some time ago.)

Anyway, I read blogs. I text (sometimes with more than one finger). I spell Justin Bieber correctly. I have seen FOUR of the movies nominated for Best Picture this year. I am totally cool.

But then I went to worship team practice and the guitar players were goofing around.

"Hey, you ought to duck-walk!" I told them, only to see their faces turn blanker than Charlie Sheen's work calendar. "You know--duck-walk! Like Chuck Berry!" More blankness.

People, they had never heard of Chuck Berry. I was mortified for their ignorance.

This morning I recounted this story in the office, where my fellow employees joined me in tsk-tsking at the cultural shallowness of young'uns these days. I turned to our student assistant, who is bright and educated.

"A, you know who Chuck Berry is, right?"

She looked up from her computer screen sheepishly.

"Give me a second. I knew you were going to ask and Google's kind of slow right now."

I'm oooooooold. Now get off my lawn.

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