Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Greetings! Everything's Wonderful!

I'm a big fan of the Christmas letter, both as a sender and as a receiver.

I love these little encapsulations that arrive from family and friends at this time of the year, and people who have been recipients of my own efforts know that I do not hold back. None of this "We're all fine!" malarkey for me. No, I recount in loving detail the minutia of the QueenBeen year.

I have a couple of rules which, come to think of it, are the same basic rules I apply to this blog. (No gory medical details, no bad news that people don't already know, and no intentional embarrassment of people I love.)

Long ago Husband had the misguided notion that writing the Christmas letter should be a team effort, one that included both adults in our household. Ha! He has since learned differently. (What? I let him do our tax return without interfering ONE BIT. Fair's fair.)

This year, in fact, when I sent him the first draft for fact-checking, instead of telling me (as he did in 1987, the first year we sent a joint letter) that he thought the informal tone and editorial comments were a little, well, informal and editorial (hrmph!), he opened his response thusly:

A couple of items, most minor, one major,
and most I FEARFULLY submit to you.  

Then he went through the items, all of which were perfectly reasonable, and closed with:

I hope you're still speaking to me after the above suggestions.

Hmmm. Is there an outside chance that maybe I have been a little protective of this project? 


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