Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Is the Call You Dread

We are just finishing supper when my phone begins singing Boy#4's school fight song.

"It's Four!" I say to Husband.

When I answer, though, a woman's voice is on the other end.

"This is Whitney, from the hospital, and Four wanted you to know that he's been in a bicycle accident. He isn't badly hurt, but he has cuts and scrapes to his face and arms, and we're checking him for a concussion."

For some reason, it's important to me that Whitney think I'm a calm mother. I murmur something meant to sound as if I'm in control. I know I won't remember the details of this conversation so I repeat Whitney's sentences as she's leading a responsive reading.

"Think he's okay...in pain...Hillcrest emergency room..."

"He says he has brothers down here, and we've called them, and they're on their way," she concludes.

At that moment the house phone rings. It's Boy#1, on his way to the hospital and needing directions. Within a few minutes later he has arrived and is reporting by text.

"Just got into the ER and most of the emergency equipment looks unused, so that's a good sign. Fortunately, tonight's assigned reading for torts was our first case dealing with medical malpractice so I'm all set to be a terror if necessary."

A few minutes later another text. 

"They've taken him for a CAT scan. If he meows, he has to stay overnight."

I laugh, and respond with a joke about bringing in the dog for the Lab tests. 

I've e-mailed my prayer group friends, and already responses are coming in.

"I'm praying for Four (and for mom)."

And now I cry, waiting. I know how blessed we are that in 84 cumulative years of child rearing, this is the first one to need an ambulance ride to the hospital. I know that, and I know Four's getting good care, and that God's in control.

But still I cry because a mother should be there when her child is in pain, and I'm not.


Updated: A concussion, a broken nose, and stitches in the lip. He'll spend the night in his brothers' apartment, and I am so very, very glad that they are there for him. As you all are for Husband and me. Thank you for the messages and prayers and knowledge that you're in our village helping raise these kids.


  1. Oh Sarah....this brought back all the emotion of Kelsi's accident last October. I'm sitting here in tears, too. Dear friend, I know your heart. Please know you and #4 will be in my prayers. Hang in there.....

  2. My dear friend, Sara,
    You and #4 are held before the Throne of Grace right here in El Dorado!
    Thankful that Nathan is there, too, on the lookout for anyone that might need to be sued as his bro is taken care of! know you are loved, Jan