Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Reason I Love Him

We're going on a road trip this weekend, and as often is the case, are planning via e-mail. Should we take the pick-up, or the Suburban that has served us so faithfully but is getting a wee bit long in the tooth?

Me: If we take the Suburban, I think it needs to go in to see Neal (our mechanic). As I was pulling in to a parking space this morning the Check Gauges light flickered. I was going to call you but then I saw a squirrel and forgot.

His reply: The visual image of your e-mail is kind of interesting--Oh, my gosh, my "check gauges" light just flickered! My car might be having a problem! Will I make it to work? Where will I be able to pull over and will anyone see me and...hey, is that a squirrel? Wow, I haven't seen a squirrel around here since...yesterday, or was it the day before? Ah, what a pretty squirrel. What was I thinking about?

Oh, yes, he knows me.


  1. If you have not seen the movie 'Up,' you simply must do so. Yes, it's animated, but it's totally empty nest worthy. You'll understand why I'm posting this comment with this particular entry when you see it. Love your blog, by the way :)

  2. Anne! So good to hear from you. You need to start a blog, too. Between your running and your kids, you could fill pages.

    I've got two! The one pertaining to my kids is horribly behind right now. My mother-in-law has made that perfectly clear!