Tuesday, September 28, 2010

God Knows

Every other Tuesday, Ashley and I meet at the ungodly hour of 7:15 a.m. to talk about God.

She's a student where I work, and I've been "mentoring" her for three years now. The irony quote marks are intentional; I often look behind me to see if anyone is laughing at the idea that I am wise enough to be a mentor, especially on matters spiritual.

As I explained once to Ashley, though, I don't have answers. I have experience, and I have faith, and we're going to have to trust God for the answers.

Actually, these meetings would be a lot easier if I did have answers. She's 22, finishing her college degree, and the career she had anticipated when she started school is not working out. We talk about this endlessly--what will she be doing for the rest of her life? In a decade? In a year?

I know her searching first-hand. With the exception of my first job out of college, every life change I've made has felt outlandish at the time. The Peace Corps? Accepting Husband's proposal after we'd only dated for three months? Really?

We're working through a book on trusting God. The wise author points out that it's often easier to obey God than to trust Him. If we know God is leading us in a certain direction we close our eyes and step that way--we join the Peace Corps, or start picking out wedding music.It's harder to believe God knows the fourteenth step down the road from this choice that is so ridiculous but so right.

What you don't know about your future, I tell her, God knows. That's all I can tell her with certainty.

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  1. Totally understand... And it is crazy. Knowing and obeying are easy (or easier) than trusting that God has things in control when all you see is chaos. In a sense throwing your hands up in the air and surrendering is really what he wants.

    I think of the time I was repelling with a friend. I was repelling off a bridge and demonstrating trust to the group of students. Being so fond of heights this took a lot of trust to take that last step off to where my feet had nothing under them. But then he called out to me to let go of the rope. "What?" He said he had me and to trust him... God seems to be saying the same thing.

    Thanks for reminding me.