Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tomatoes: An Analogy

When I began bragging about my awesome Earthtainers a month ago someone said to be sure to post progress pictures. You know, of course, that if these expensive tomato-growing systems had been a total bust that I would have "conveniently" forgotten that request, but, hey! Look at these honkin' big tomato plants!

To refresh your memories, this is what they looked like in early May:

And now the plants are PEEKING OVER THE FENCE. Holy smoke. Although the containers have been smacked by the Weed-eater a couple of times and the paint is looking a bit mangy, after one month the plants themselves are thriving and are loaded with unripe fruit.

I can't ignore the similarity of this project to another project in my life, when occasional feeding and watering and benign neglect turned this:

into this:

except in the latter case it didn't take a full month to see the results. This happened overnight.

At least it feels that way.


  1. I get a little SHOCK seeing those two boy-comparison pictures! My boys are your first picture. AND WHO ARE THOSE GROWN-UPS IN THE SECOND PICTURE?? And there are SO MANY OF THEM!! And seeing how my firstborn tomato sprouted up this year and is now taller than me, that second picture looks so much more likely---and yet I still can't REALLY believe it.

    1. Swistle, I highly recommend documenting their size at least once a day. Or maybe twice, because I think they grow WHILE WE ARE WATCHING.

  2. Yes, they grow while we watch, but twice as fast when we don't. That's why some mornings they wake up much bigger than when they went to sleep, and why when we return from a day or weekend away the children are giants. This happened to mine recently.

    And congrats on your tomatoes! We are having success this year also... first time in years!