Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Old But Apparently Not Dead

American Association of Retired Persons, of which I am not one.
The very second I was old enough to qualify for membership Husband signed me up for AARP. Oh, yes, he did. Because I am 16 months older than he is, and he is Just That Funny. Ha. Ha.

Imagine my surprise to see the most recent cover on this group's official magazine touting the Sexy Secrets of Men on Fire. Can you read the smaller print up there? Not even with your trifocals? It says "From Denzel to Viggo to Jon Bon Jovi--we reveal the 21 HOTTEST GUYS (over-capitalization theirs) on the planet."

Not stated but implied is "rrrrrrrowr!"

Well, huh. And here what I was looking forward to in retirement was the ability to sleep a little later in the morning, occasionally schedule a coffee date with friends, do some crafts. Am I maybe misunderstanding the implications of all that free time?

In any case this speculation is futile. When I point out for the eleventy-gabillionth time to my accountant Husband that I'm ready to retire, he points to the four Boys, all still in the educational phase of their lives, and laughs and laughs.

I guess he thinks I'm Just That Funny, too.

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