Monday, June 11, 2012

Sheep N Goats 4 Sale

Our vacation wasn't all British period drama and baby sweater knitting. No, Husband doesn't really appreciate either of those activities so once his tax seminar had ended we got right into the touristy phase of the week and galloped over to Gallup for the flea market. A brutal wind kept most of the tourists away, but the few of us hardy enough to brave sandblasting had a blast.

Folks, if you're ever within two states or so of Gallup, New Mexico, on a Saturday, this is the place to be. There are the aforementioned Sheep N Goats 4 Sale:

These were offered by a guy who looked as if he were straight out of Navajo Central Casting, but knew where Small Town was located on the map. (Cue It's a Small World After All.)

You can ride out of town with a new-to-you saddle...

 ...or a gizmo to slice bananas because slicing bananas is haaaaarrrrd...

 ...or you can check out the fabulous and inexpensive turquoise and turquoise-ish jewelry at several dozen booths and tables. I was so busy zigging and zagging from one vendor to the next that I forgot to take a picture, but I did not forget to buy more jewelry than I have bought in the last decade. Or two, or five.

Finally, you can get out of the really horrendous wind and dive into a delicious medio litro Coca-Cola in a GLASS BOTTLE... a tamale the size of an end-of-summer zucchini.

It's the best $3 lunch on the planet. And after all that sandblasting, your dermabrasioned skin now looks lovely.


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