Wednesday, January 4, 2012

(Insert Adjective Here)

I've tried at least half a dozen adjectives as the title of today's post but none seemed to exactly fit my emotions right now.






This morning Boeing officials told 2,100 workers that their plant not far from Small Town was being shut down and that by the end of the year no one would be working there. The announcement came just months after this same company told the Kansas congressional delegation that they PROMISED, they PINKY-SWEARED, that if those elected officials could help Boeing get a tanker contract the plant would stay open and that ON THEIR WORD OF HONOR another 7,500 jobs would come to this very plant.

Oops! I guess the Boeing guys had their fingers crossed, because after this morning's announcement not only are those 7,500 jobs not coming to our state, 2,100 families now working in Wichita will have to find different jobs.

I am not so naive as to think that corporations (and politicians, for that matter) are always honorable in their dealings. This, though, seems like an unusually egregious breach of honor.

Boy#1 described it best: This is Boeing announcing it was getting a divorce, after it had an earlier affair and somehow managed to convince Kansas that it was its fault Boeing had been cheating, and Kansas had bought it a whole lot of diamond necklaces to try to hold the marriage together.

The only adjective that can describe the aircraft company, One said, is "despicable."

He could not be more correct.

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