Thursday, January 12, 2012


This portrait was borrowed from a campaign site. Thank you!
Have I mentioned that I'm not much into politics? I've delegated the political interest duties to Husband and Boy#1, who are passionate history and making-of-history buffs.

Right now, though, it's impossible to avoid politics even if you're only interested in the MSNBC front page as a gateway to the winners of People's Choice awards. (Not that I'm saying that personally applies. Not to me. No, sir.)

That's where a picture of the Romney family caught my eye. "Huh," I thought. "They certainly seem to have an unconscionable number of children, but they seem quite...familiar."

And then I pulled out this shot:

You know, I think if the Queen Been family were plunked down in the middle of a baseball field, we could act as stunt doubles for the Romneys. All we need is one more Boy. And a gabillion more dollars. And a shorter skirt. And some hair dye.

Okay, maybe not.


  1. Love it . . .thanks for providing my daily chuckle! :)

  2. I always suspected you had political ambitions :)