Friday, November 11, 2011

I Love Instant Messaging

When I was in college my parents never had the chance for interchanges such as the one with Boy#1 that took place this morning. My life is richer because of technology. Or maybe it isn't, but I certainly laugh more.

Boy#1: The most disturbing thing I've discovered recently: (this link)
Check out the ages of George, Jane, and Judy and do a bit of simple math
Me: Oooh, creepy.
Boy#1: George should be in prison.
Me: And I am astounded that you have ferreted out this piece of information.

Boy#1: I'm both proud of and horrified by this discovery
Me: I understand both of those emotions.
Boy#1I think Boy#2 summed it up best: "One, I think law school isn't taking up enough of your time."

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