Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Habits

As the mother of Boys, over the years I have instituted a few hard and fast house rules in an attempt to distinguish the MomQueenBee House from the fraternity house the guys may have been under the misconception they had been born into.

No drinking out of the milk carton. Or the orange juice jug.

No spitting in the kitchen sink. For any reason whatsoever.

No eating out of serving dishes with fingers.

And absolutely no double-dipping in the ice cream.

You know what I'm talking about. You want some ice cream, but you really shouldn't eat a full bowl, so you just take a spoonful. Oooh, that tasted really good. How about just one more taste?

As I reiterated the old rules during the early summer Boy influx, I reminded them of the no-double-dipping rule. "I don't care if you eat the entire carton of ice cream in one sitting," I told them. "Just put it in a bowl or get another spoon for each dip."

This morning I got up to find the celebratory Father's Day Edy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough almost gone. Take a guess as to how many bowls were in the sink?

One, small.

And how many spoons?

Twelve. One dozen. Una docena. One-twelfth of a gross.

I have taught them well.


  1. lolol When I moved in with cousin Karen after her first husband passed away, we went grocery shopping and for a treat, we each got a can of Thank you pudding. When we got home, we threw those two cans in the freezer while we put away the groceries and split the bill. The we got our cans of pudding out of the frig and settled infront of the tv. I just took the lid off of the can and grabbed a spoon. Karen took longer and when she appeared with hers in a bowl, I laughed. She looked at me and said I was going to do the same thing and figured you'd think I was a real slob. lolol This was one of the first ice breakers as we got to know one another.

    At home, the thing to hit after school was the peanut butter jar. Mom bought the 4 pound ones. She finally had to ration us to one a month and when it was gone, we didn't get any more til the next month. :)) csl

  2. My husband thinks ice cream is a finger food. He'll use a spoon to scoop some out, eat it with his fingers, then go in for the next scoop.... over and over. If I had enough spoons, I'm sure he'd love to try the 12 spoon/small bowl idea!