Tuesday, June 14, 2011


One of the biggest challenges when the Boys were toddlers was keeping them in shoes. Not just making sure each child had at least one pair of shoes the approximate size of his feet (which, considering the rate at which the feet grew,  was in and of itself a challenge) but making sure a left shoe and a right shoe were available for each left foot and right foot leaving the house.

The problem was that somewhere our darling offspring had picked up the habit of shedding their shoes the moment they walked in the door. (What? Are you looking at my bare feet?) This meant four pairs of tiny sneakers floating around the floor and being kicked into various corners and disappearing.

The solution to this was a crock. Not the actual one shown in the picture here, because holy cow, for $595 I would have expected the crock seller to come to our house personally and round up the shoes. No, we found an old 10-gallon crock for the corner of the kitchen and all shoes were expected to go into the crock. Then when it was time to leave, the foot owner found his shoes in the crock and off we went.

Fast forward two decades.

Old habits die hard, and shoes still come off feet the second they're in the house, but the feet have changed. Instead of being tiny size T-1, the Boys' shoes are now clodhopper size 13. Instead of having a single pair of adorable wee rubber sandals, each Boy has work boots, tennis shoes, and manly leather sandals. Plus dress shoes for Sunday.

The old crock overflowed, and the flood of shoes spilling around its edges irked Husband mightily.

"All shoes go up to bedrooms!" he declared. When this declaration didn't work, I came home from work to find this lovely addition to the corner of my kitchen:

The MomQueenBee House simply reeks of klass. Also, very funny, Husband. Ha, ha.


  1. Jackie W. - KansasJune 14, 2011 at 2:27 PM

    At least is wasn't one of those dumpsters they keep in allies .....

  2. I love it. I'm quite sure by the time the good Lord calls me home that I will have spent a good 20% of my life looking for someone's SHOES!

  3. I love your solution. Mom used to put them on the stairwell to be taken upstairs which didn't always happen. Now Doug has a 4 shelf unit on the back porch and it is overflowing with shoes of all sorts for farm yard use, unless Amanda has managed to weed thru the pile and narrow it down some. A person could trip over them.

  4. I just may adopt this solution for our house!! I was so frustrated with our youngest one Sunday - she'd misplaced her " - Sunday shoes" (you know the ones she wears for exactly 2.5 hours every week!) and I spent my last precious minutes looking for her shoes instead of fixing my hair or brushing my teeth (felt so sorry for those who sat close that day!) that she spent the rest of the day with her shoes hanging from a series of shoelaces (loosely) around her neck!! She remembered to put them in her closet for at least a month after that. :)