Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Tale of Two Earbuds

Our office-sharing arrangement led me to buy a set of alternative earbuds to hook up to to my desktop computer at work. (The rubber band ball has nothing to do with this essay--it's merely a prop for the earbuds--but how cool is that? And I won it! At an Office Max demonstration! A truly memorable life moment.)

Anyway, when I saw an internet deal-of-the-day featuring earbuds for $1 (shipped) I took the plunge and bought some to use at work. They are much more businesslike than the pair I use with my MP3 player, which are girly and lavender and were advertised as having marshmallow tips. (I was sadly disappointed that the tips were not made of actual marshmallows, but I suppose that would be sticky.) These earbuds give a quality of sound I hadn't experienced before.

The black set is better  than the lavender set for my work listening in that the black cord is significantly shorter. If I'm tempted to lean back and enjoy the spring that is springing right outside my window, they will have none of that, yanking my lolling head back into place with an unspoken "Back to work, missy!"

So if the lavender earbuds are more comfortable, sound better, and would facilitate my workday goofing off, why don't I simply switch the two sets? 

Two reasons. First, I paid an entire dollar for the black earbuds and I don't want to waste that investment. And second, 


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