Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cheaper Than Shoes

We're experiencing a series of high-pressure days in the MomQueenBee house. The end of tax season, trustee meetings on campus, and some Big Life-Changing Decisions among the Boys mean we'll be glad to see this week receding in the rearview mirror.

So, naturally, the refrigerator developed a funny smell that had to be dealt with over the lunch hour.

After throwing away the softening pepper and the slimy asparagus, I rescued everything that could be consumed, and I discovered I had accumulated EIGHT POUNDS of carrots. Apparently when I grocery shop under stress I go straight for the vegetables.

I'm pioneering an entirely new branch of retail therapy.


  1. We salvage as much refrigerator food by making "compilation soup".

  2. Anonymous, I'm a big soup fan. If only it were a few degrees cooler!

  3. How about carrot cake? Love cake!