Monday, November 29, 2010

The Week Had a Soundtrack

The Best Week of the Year (a natural extension of the Best Day of the Year) had its own soundtrack but because I'm not tech-savvy enough to embed a sound file in this blog, this will be an audience-participation entry. If you see a word or phrase in italics, please make that sound.

(Slam of car door) Boy#3! You're home! Three's easy to have around, although his definition of "around" is a little flexible. During the week he was "at home" he also was in Kansas City for two days at a basketball tournament, and in Texas for two days at a football game. He did leave a reminder of his presence, though...

(Achoo!) College kids drag home more germs than preschoolers, and I've lost my immunity. Thanks loads, Three. Hrmph. Hey! Here come Boy#1, Boy#2, and Boy#4!

(Doorbell) No, we don't make the Boys ring the doorbell at their own home, although there were days in the past when that sounded like a nifty idea. But I am not exaggerating when I say that within three minutes of the Boys coming in the back door, the Posse came in the front door. I'm not sure who was grinning wider, the Boy who had missed the Posse or the MomQueenBee who also had missed the Posse.

(Crowd noises) Nothing is more delicious than extended family on Thanksgiving. Even better than turkey, and dressing, and sweet potatoes. And pecan pie, if that's even possible.

(Sounds of running water) Wow. I'd forgotten how much hot water it takes to clean up six people, and how many times the dishwasher has to be run when everyone insists on eating three times a day. 

(Read the next in the voice of a three-year-old.) How does a seal speak French? Por favor. (Oh, I forgot to say also to read the French part in a seal voice. My bad. It was adorable.)

(Scuffling noises, general chaos) Two, stop poking Four. Four, would you leave him alone already? One! That's enough! Hey,Three, cut it out. I mean it. Stop it right now. If you're going to wrestle, take it outside. Cut that out!

(Read the following in a whiny voice.) What? You're leaving already? But you just got here! Well, take some bierocks. You look hungry.

Fade to quiet.

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