Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Open Letter to Kate Middleton

Dear Kate Middleton,

As I was perusing the news coverage of your engagement to Prince William, I noticed that you were wearing the exact same shade of fingernail polish that I am wearing.

Not My Hand
I'm guessing this is not actually Maybelline "Blushing Bride" shade, which mine actually is, and I'm guessing that you didn't slop polish all over the side of your pinkie finger because you were doing your own manicure as you ate breakfast, but it did start me thinking how similar you and I obviously are, and Kate, I have a few pieces of advice for you.

You were 28 when you got engaged, so was I. And while my friends and family hadn't started calling me Waitie-Katie, it's probably only because my first name is not a convenient rhyme with anything that suggests delay. Or anything else, for that matter. Kate, pay no attention. The best things come to those who wait. Like being Queen of England! Woo! Or MomQueenBee! Woo!

You're marrying a man with no sisters, so did I.

Not My Brothers-in-Law
Kate, you should be aware that this lack of feminine influence during the formative growing-up years means William will need to be coached that if you are admiring a certain library table in an antique shop, and return to the table six times and say, "This would look really, really nice behind our couch," and you make puppy-dog eyes, and glance meaningfully at the table, and nevertheless everyone gets back in the car sans library table, there will be precious little conversation for the next 100 miles. The proper response to the second statement obviously is, "It sure would! Let's buy it!" Hrmph.

You're moving into a beautiful and historic old house, so did I.

Not My House

Just be aware, Kate, that in a few years you might be having the entire family over for Thanksgiving, and due to lots of scheduling conflicts, the renovation of the back stoop that your Prince intended to have finished by September might still be, well, unfinished.

My House

That's okay. When your relatives show up, the most important thing isn't how the house looks or whether every detail is perfect, the most important thing is that you're together, and the most important part of the "together" is you and your Prince.

Best wishes, Kate!

From the Other Princess, MomQueenBee


  1. If there was a way I could go and purge one small bit of my Queen's memory, it would be the experience with that oak library table.

    Your Prince

  2. They can have sisters and still not get it. Projects seem to be that, projects.

  3. Just think Sary, you could of married Harry!!

    Sorry just couldn't resist!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Sara

  4. And happy Thanksgiving right back at you, Janie!I'm pretty sure I got a better Prince than Harry, though.