Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Five Hour Baby Sweater

I've reached the age group where I'm being invited to baby showers for my contemporaries' children, rather than for my own gestating friends. It's a fun time of life. Much like our childless friends when we first started having our own families, my peers and I know EVERYTHING about raising children. Just ask us. So I decided to celebrate this milestone by knitting a Five-Hour Baby Sweater.

Full disclosure requires that I admit this was not a Five-Hour Baby Sweater, more like an Eight-and-a-Half-Hour Baby Sweater, but there was a lot of football on over the weekend, so it didn't matter so much. Full disclosure also requires that I admit I thought this baby was due before Christmas when it's actually due in mid-February, but look! How cute are these buttons?

And I ended up with this much extra yarn.

It's like serving a full meal and only having one carrot stick left over. Woo!


  1. You made that? I'm feeling so bad about myself now. All I can knit is scarves. :)

  2. This isn't muchharder than a scarf--I'll show you how!

  3. Love it and need the pattern. Miss Emilie will be receiving a sweater for Easter. My pattern is not so cute. And it will take days!

  4. How do I get the pattern? Would love it make it.

  5. Betsy, the pattern is linked in the body of the blog. It's from the YarnTootin' blog, and I've made it several times. So easy!