Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's On My Porch

This blog, like most of the rest of my life, is a non-profit venture. That is to say, I get a huge kick out of it, it's a wonderful outlet for me, and the financial return? Well, it is to laugh. Just like the rest of my life.

So if I express an opinion about a commercial venture you can bet the farm that I'm not being paid for that opinion. Unfortunately.

Anyway, people who know me at all know that I am not a shopper. That's understatement, right there. Let's put it this way: If someone suggests we are out of, say, toilet paper, this is what I feel like inside:

Don't Wanta!

Then I discovered It's a site that lets you keep an online shopping list of things you would normally have to pick up in a Wal-Mart run. Paper towels. Toilet paper. Deodorant. Mascara. Room freshener. Etc. Etc. Etc. Then, when you reach $25 worth of items, you hit "purchase" and they deliver all that stuff for free by the next day.

You may not have heard me. People, they will deliver TOILET PAPER for FREE! To your front door! In 24 hours! Now if you truly are out of toilet paper that's a long time to wait, but if you possess even the tiniest modicum of forward thinking, this is the greatest invention since, well, possibly since toilet paper itself.

Prices are about what you'd pay at the in-town store, some a little more and some a little less, but not having to go to the store?


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  1. Priceless!! You and I both can do that lady. The girl I do at times, you Betcha!