Friday, October 8, 2010

This Is For My Beloit Peeps

Do the cool kids even say "peeps" any more? Well, obviously they do, since I'm saying it.

Anyway, all you folks who grew up with me, I'm back in the neighborhood for a few days and I drove past the football field this afternoon. It looked great--the mascot statue that our graduating class put up is still standing, and they've added a row of flags behind it.

I drove past the flags from the south, and my first question was this: What do they mean?

I mean, they looked great, standing out straight in the brisk wind. S-N-A-J-O-R-T. Is that something new since we graduated oh, so long ago? Maybe it's textese, like LOL or OMG or FTW (which the Boys assure me means For the Win!).

I tried sounding it out--snay-jort? Snuh-JORT?

Then I rounded the curve and looked back at Beloit Trojan Field.

Oh. Okay. Never mind.

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