Thursday, November 19, 2015

Time After Time

Time after time you hear me say that I'm so lucky to be loving you...

I had never heard the song Boy#1 and Lovely Girl chose for their first dance when they were married. It was an old one, I knew that much, and the old love songs are the best, but I had never heard it.

"Time After Time" made me cry.

So lucky to be the one you run to see in the evening when the day is through...

A young groom, a young bride? They don't know what kind of agreement they're making on that wedding day. They don't know how they will react when the ceremony has been packed away with the toasting glasses and the guests have moved back to their own lives.

At least Husband and I didn't know on Nov. 19, 1983.

I only know what I know, the passing years will show you've kept my love so young, so new...

We didn't know that neither one of our audacious career dreams would come true--I wouldn't become Erma Bombeck, he wouldn't be governor of the state (yet). We didn't know we wouldn't ever live in a fancy house on an acreage with lots of windows for watching the wildlife. We didn't even know we would never again buy a brand-new car.

But we also didn't know we would have four sons who would be the joy and fulfillment of our lives. We didn't know we would survive each other's irritating habits (my hoarding tendencies, for example) and the craziness that is the melding of two independent personalities, two strong wills, two loving families.

We didn't know how much we would laugh.

And time after time you'll hear me say that I'm so lucky to be loving you.

Happy anniversary, Husband. I'm so lucky to be loving you.


  1. Happy Anniversary! My husband & I just celebrated 16 years. Seems so long and yet so short all at once.

    1. You got married yesterday and you've been married forever. Yes.

  2. Happy belated anniversary!