Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Charmed, I'm Sure

Waiting for Amtrak
This morning I was trying to describe last week's vacation to a friend.

"You know how when you're on vacation, there are times when two different things can happen and they're both fine, but one of them is really fine? On this vacation, every single time there was a fine thing and a really fine thing, the really fine thing happened."

She knew exactly what I meant.

"It sounds like your entire week was charmed."

And it was.

Husband and I used the excuse of a tax seminar in Michigan to spend 10 days in that state, a planes/trains/automobile trip that had all of our favorite things: Fall. Food. Antiques. Fabulous living quarters. Movie marathons. Knitting. Sleep.

Each other.

I didn't even include the World Series in that list of favorite things because we didn't know it was our favorite until it actually happened. It has been added to the list, and people who were in Chicago hotel rooms adjacent to ours Sunday night, we apologize. You should be thankful you couldn't see as well as hear us, because the victory dancing I was doing was not charming.

I'm sorry I didn't even check in last week, but oh, people. There's so, so much this week to tell and show you (pictures of food! pretty leaves! a jeweled fez! PIE!).

We're back from vacation, and Michigan? You've charmed us.

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