Monday, November 16, 2015

Milestone Monday (With a Giveaway!)

It is a momentous Monday! A magnificent Monday! One might even say a monumental Monday!


Yes, friends, this is a big day for several reasons. First of all, it is my birthday, and while I loved birthdays more when they seemed to only come around once in a while instead of every blessed week, I still love birthdays. They are the one day each year when anything is allowed.

Chocolate for breakfast? Why not? Come in to work a few minutes late? Sure. Watch the reunion show of Project Runway even though you know brain cells are being killed every time Blake opens his mouth? Go for it.

Or, in my case, spend the first hour of your work day learning how to use the selfie stick Boy#2 sent you for your birthday because apparently he thinks his mother is a 16-year-old Asian tourist? Treat yo-self!  And look! It's me from across the room, in all my squinched-left-eye, scrunched-up-jacket-shoulders-ed glory! Also look at my new office chairs. Pretty, no?

But my birthday is only the first of the milestones we are celebrating today: Last week I hit "publish" on post number 1,000 of Empty Nest Feathers.

Holy moly. This is a milestone that may never come again, unlike birthdays, which as I've mentioned, come every three days or so. I introduced my Nest to the interwebs on June 29, 2010, and since then have just about used up all the words in blathering on about my world. Alas, it is possible I might not hit 2,000 posts because all those birthdays have added up to an insatiable desire to nap rather than post, but I will persist.

Nonetheless, this milestone deserves a giveaway, and since all I do is nap and knit, the grand winner will get a choice of those loves of my life.

If you choose KNIT, you will receive the project I was working on during our charmed vacation in Michigan:

Yes. This blob of stitches, which I have not yet finished but intend to do so soon. The pattern says it is a shawl, this shawl to be precise:

However, I am skeptical that it will be quite this large when I finish. It will be more of a pretty neck thingy. The yarn is spectacularly beautiful and my fuzzy photography does it no justice--it's alpaca and as soft as a baby's cheek, variegated in soft pink and orange (the yarn, not the baby's cheek) and it is not at all as garish as it sounds. It's yummy, is what I mean, and you will receive the scarf/shawl if you are the lucky winner of KNIT!

If you choose NAP, I will give you permission to take a nap. There. Done. And if anyone questions why you are sleeping in the middle of the day, you can tell them you are a Milestone Monday Giveaway winner, and the prize must not be wasted.

Just comment here or on my Facebook page before noon on the Best Day of the Year (Thanksgiving), and I will have a guest draw-er draw a lucky winner, after which I will take a picture of that lucky winner's name.

From across the room with a selfie stick.

Thank you for sharing my milestone moments!


  1. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! I would love both a KNIT and a NAP at this moment, actually. In fact, a NAP while wearing your lovely KNITTED wrap would be the best of all possible worlds, I believe. So sign me up for KNIT. :) I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday and have a spectacular Thanksgiving.

  2. Here in Asherville I am sitting,
    Envisioning you knitting.
    Needles clicking away,
    As we near Thanksgiving Day.
    Your humor is delightful,
    While your words are insightful.
    So good to see your smile,
    After many years and untold miles!

    1. Oh, thank you! I love the poem, We go back just a few years, don't we?