Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Orts and a Blurb

Well, hey there! It's Friday again and so far, no one has brought me popcorn. (Insert sad emoji.) I would be depressed about this if not for the fact that I just ran across this picture of Much Older Sister and me that was taken at the convention both of us attended a few weeks ago. It made me smile. Except that it also reminded me that my summer sweaty-face does a number on my bangs. Also that I'm really tall, and I forget that until I see a picture of myself cuddling up to MOS, who has much more normal human verticality. But MOS! Oooooh!

And speaking of relatives, thank you all so much for your concern for my brother after the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. He is doing splendidly and back at work. This demonstrates a basic difference between him and me. If I'd had four out of five doctors who saw me the day before tell me how lucky I was (and the other too busy keeping me from DYING ON THE WAY TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM to point out my luckiness), I would have milked this situation for a few more days at home. He, on the other hand, was looking up his company sick leave policy to see how he needed to turn in the days he was hospitalized because after a quarter century with the company, he had been too healthy to know what that policy was. Sheesh.

I have a new favorite video, and this is it. I dedicate it out to all my jiggly, chicken-necked, divine, older lady friends.
And the ort of the day is a recipe. As we were leaving mah bay-bee in his new apartment last week, this mom had to do what this mom has to do: I cooked. I left him with a freezer stocked with bierocks, but wanted him to have something sweet as well so I tried a new recipe from Gimme Some Oven which is a terrific food blog written by someone I knew when she was a student at Small College. (Hi, Ali!)

The recipe has coconut oil in it, which I understand has magical properties of some kind but I had never used before. I'm not sure if it was that ingredient or the couple of teaspoons of cornstarch that made the cookies soft and just exactly the right degree of crumbly, but they were the perfect antidote for distraction from upcoming tearful leave-taking.

People, these are pretty darned spectacular. Don't say I didn't warn you if you end up eating two or three or a dozen.
The recipe is here.

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