Thursday, June 5, 2014

Still Hopeful

I'm so sorry to leave you for two days looking at the photo of the tearful moppet who has just struck out for the most recent time. cute. So sad. 

But wash your emotions out with this picture--behold, my garden! 

I know! Remember just a few weeks ago when I was lamenting the certain death of anything I planted? And pre-memorializing the four tomato plants and two basil plants now inhabiting the old fishpond in the back yard? (Yes, the archaeological remains of a fishpond were in our back yard when we moved in. We find this spot charming. Also, we are too lazy to dig the bricks out.)

You don't remember? Let me refresh your memory:

Woochy-woochy! Such adorable little things. Of the six bedding plants I jammed into the potting soil all but one are still alive. One of the basil plants succumbed to non-watering during the Memorial Day weekend when no one was home, but pfffft, it's only a plant and if it doesn't even want to try, well, then I just have no time for it. The replacement is doing just fine, and I harvested enough basil this week to transform our Bacon and Tomato Pasta into Bacon Tomato and Basil Pasta.

Maybe, just maybe, in another month we'll have tomatoes worthy of the foliage that looks so amazing today.

At least there is still hope.

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